Below are some stats and graphs showing the bot’s activity thus far. Note that these of course change as the project grows!

  • Click here to check out a breakdown of the top keywords by country.
  • Below is a graph of the top 25 keywords along with the percentage of packages that are tagged with each. (click image for more detail). The keywords are selected by each user in order to tell the bot what sort of packages to buy.


  • Here is a glorious, purple wordcloud of the descriptions from every package (click image for more detail). These descriptions are supplied by the 3rd party sellers on Amazon, AliExpress, Ebay and the like.


    • What countries are packages shipped from? no surprises here!
  1. China             53%
  2. US                 25%
  3. Hong Kong    17%
  4. Singapore        3%
  5. Other               3%