Feedback & Data

The bot collects feedback on the items it buys. It uses these data to pick better packages, and avoid buying bad ones. The bot is more likely to buy products that receive good feedback and doesn’t re-buy items when the data show it is boring or uninteresting.

The bot relies on a database with thousands of products referenced with hundreds of different keywords and feedback scores given by subscribers past and present. So if you sign up with a particular keyword, like ‘crafts’ or ‘legos’, the bot can look back at items it has shipped before with the same keyword and systematically find the best surprises. Of course, the bot does not buy great items all the time. Over time it learns and improves as it collects more data.

The bot also uses feedback to personalize subscriptions. If the bot sends you beads and you make it as a great item, the bot is more likely to send you beads. This is especially true if you mark several boxes of beads as great. If you don’t like beads and make it as a bad item, the bot will pick up on that and start shipping you something else. Of course there is a bit of a delay given shipping times. But over time you can teach the bot to find things that you like the page screenshot1

How Does This Work Exactly?

Once you sign up for Bobcat In A Box, you will receive login details for a secure page where you can manage your account. In addition to seeing what packages are on their way, you can provide feedback for items that have arrived.

As you can see in this screenshot – it is very simple. You just click on the left if you are happy with the bot’s box and click on the right if you would rather have something else.

What about my privacy?

We never share any of the information you give us or the bot, including your feedback on items, except as is necessary to ship the items. That is we only share your address with merchants shipping the products of course, otherwise they wouldn’t know where to send them! For more on privacy check out our legal mumbo jumbo.