Gifts & Pranks

Many people sign up the bot for a friend or relative, sometimes without even telling them. We very much encourage this!

Nothing on the packages received will point your friend or relative to you or even to Bobcat In A Box. They will simply receive lots of surprise small items and quickly start developing complex conspiracy theories. Just make sure you enter the correct details as the shipping address.

The bot allows you to pick specific keywords to limit the packages received (for example, flowers or cables). You can use keywords to personalize the bot and perhaps further confuse the person who signed up. For example, imagine the bot was given the keyword ‘glove’ and your friend started receiving a new pair of gloves every day. How would your friend react to receiving several dozen gloves, each individually shipped and packaged – several with detailed customs forms attached – and no explanation as to where they were from?

Of course many people give the bot as a gift and tell their friend or relative beforehand, which lets them provide some input on the keywords the bot might use. The easiest way to explain the bot to others is to point them to where they can read about our experiment in surprise packages.