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For sites where the bot is already buying (,,,, and a few others) I will just plug the link and keywords into the system. For product links to new sites with awesome products I’ll get to work integrating them.

Not sure what keywords to use? Below is the list of the bot’s most frequently used keywords. You can certainly tag the link with other keywords. These are just a few suggestions.

3d comic knife scale model
accessories component knitting school
action figure computer Korea science
adult container lace sci-fi
adventure cooking laser scrapbook
airplane corgi leaf seal
alcohol cotton led seeds
Alice In Wonderland craft Lego sensor
alien crochet light sewing
amplifier crystal Lord Of The Rings shiny
ancient cup love silk
angel cute luck silver
animal dice magic trick skull
anime dinosaur magnet smile
ankh Disney makeup soap
antique pen DIY manga socks
apple Doctor Who marine space
architecture dog Marvel Spider-Man
arduino doll mathalete sports
art dragon mechanical star
astronomy earrings men Star Trek
avocado electronic metal Star Wars
awesome elephant metalworking stationery
baby emoji miniature steampunk
baking fabric minifig stick
ball fairy garden mouse stickers
balloon fashion movie sticky note
bangle figure MTG stud
Batman fish music stuffed animal
battery fishing nail art succulent
bead flashlights nail polish supernatural
beautiful flower nail stickers survival
beauty food nautical swim
bee food grade necklace switch
beer fruit needle tactical
bicycle fun new tape
bird funny nose Tardis
black gadget notepad tattoo
bling game octopus tea
blue Game Of Thrones orange Thor
book garden outdoor time
bookmark geek owl tool
bow gem paper Totoro
boy gift party toy
bracelet girl pen travel
brass glass pendant tree
bronze glasses penguin underwear
brooch glitter phone unicorn
butterfly glow Pi unisex
button gold pins unusual
cable goth pirate usb
camera green plant useful
camping Gryffindor plush vegetable
candy hair accessories Pokemon video game
car Halloween postcard vintage
card handmade punk vinyl
card game Harry Potter purple wall sticker
cartoon heart puzzle Washi Tape
cat Hello Kitty rabbit watch
cat toy hobbit rainbow watercolors
charm household random wedding
children insects Raspberry Pi white
China inspiration record wildlife
Christmas iphone red wine
circuit Japan resin wing
clips jewelry rhinestone witch
clothing kawaii ribbon women
coffee keychain ring wood
coin kit robot Yugioh
collectible kitchen rose Zendikar
coloring kitchen gadget round