This bot is an experiment – to make life a bit more interesting and see what is being sold on the internet for practically nothing. An collectible postcard. A skull ring. A large shipment of scotch tape or post-its. An old baseball card. A collection of industrial parts that you can use as paperweights or throw out. Some of the packages will be interesting and find a place in your life or start a conversation. Some will be perfectly useless and be thrown out or pawned off onto unsuspecting friends and relatives. At $1/day that is ok

Most of the packages have a story. Something you didn’t know existed, didn’t know people used or wanted. There is so much that we don’t know we don’t know. This bot helps us discover the world by indiscriminately buying packages.

There is also the simple joy in having a package delivered every couple days and not knowing what is inside. Opening the package and discovering what random item the bot has decided to purchase for you. At the very least your mail carrier will remember you!