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Free Trial
Limited to 100 total trial subscriptions under $50. One trial per household.

Canceling Your Subscription
You can absolutely cancel at any time, for any reason. Just send an email to

It is very important to us that anyone be able to cancel easily, as it is easy to understand why you would want to stop. This is not for everyone and if you have enough dollar packages arriving at your door we want to get you off the  roster as soon as possible.

You can always reach me at or give me a call at 617-642-1130 if you have questions, want to change your subscription or just want to chat.

Privacy Policy

  • We’ll never spam you. That’s a promise.
  • We will never sell your email address and only use it to send necessary updates about the bot.
  • Your email address will not be given to any sellers, suppliers or shippers.
  • We will never share your payment details with anyone, except as necessary to process payments and keep packages coming.
  • Your credit card details are stored by Chargify, a PCI-compliant 3rd party, and we never see them
  • We will never sell or share your personal details with anyone, except for providing your mailing address to facilitate the delivering of interesting packages.
  • We will send your name and mailing address to sellers who will use it to send you packages
  • Sellers are companies and individuals we work with to provide our service
  • The sellers who send you packages are independent from Bobcat In A Box and we are not responsible for their actions or inaction.
  • We may use aggregate data about keywords and feedback to improve the Bobcat In A Box service for everyone.
  • Aggregate keyword and feedback data may be shared publicly by us in order to let people know more about the Bobcat In A Box service.
  • Quotes from emails or images sent to Bobcat In A Box may occasionally be publicized if we thing they are worth sharing (on our blog, Twitter account and Facebook page for example). If you would like an email, image or other material sent to us to remain private simply let us know and we will be happy to honor that request.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time by emailing

Terms Of Service
If you sign up someone else for Bobcat In A Box, you are responsible for telling them.

If you sign up someone who is under 18 years old for Bobcat In A Box, you must first get permission from their parents.

Bobcat In A Box offers packages as is and cannot be held responsible for the items ordered.

Some items may be strange, inappropriate, offensive, upsetting or potentially dangerous (adult items and live bobcats, for example). A wide range of items are bought by Bobcat In A Box and I cannot make any guarantees as to the quality or quantity of items delivered.

The quantity, quality and item characteristics depend on user input and marketplace conditions. The total number of packages shipped by Bobcat In A Box depends on what we are able to buy each day given user keywords and budget.

Very rarely some sellers may even fail to ship and refuse to refund. This is the responsibility of the sellers and Bobcat In A Box may not be able to compensate by rebuying packages elsewhere.  Given these conditions, Bobcat In A Box cannot guarantee a certain number or type of packages.

If you give Bobcat In A Box the wrong address, we cannot be responsible for recovering the packages sent to the wrong address. Similarly we cannot be liable for mistakes made by the postal service or delivery companies. Of course we will do what we can to help and whenever you request will update the address for future packages.

Keywords offer us a very rough guide when ordering items, but I do not guarantee every item will meet a certain standard. Given the variety of items ordered, inevitably some will be disappointing. Negative keywords cannot guarantee that you will never receive a certain type of item, as every keyword has synonyms.

Bobcat In A Box is operated by a team that approximates an automated script in the tradition of the mechanical turk. That is to say that some of the work of getting packages to your door is automated and some is done by humans in a systematized fashion.

Last Updated March 30, 2017

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