Terms & Conditions (VERY IMPORTANT THING)

Welcome To Bobcat In A Box Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy

Cards Accepted
We accept Chase Credit/Debit, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Amex though a Chargify signup page. Chargify handles all payment information.

Canceling Your Subscription
You can cancel at any time, for any reason. Just send an email to cancel@bobcatinabox.com. Cancellation is only effective after you receive confirmation by email. You will receive confirmation of cancellation within 24 hours.

It is very important to us that anyone be able to cancel easily, as it is easy to understand why you would want to stop. This is not for everyone and if you have enough dollar packages arriving at your door we want to get you off the  roster as soon as possible.

You can always reach Alexander Zebrose at alexander@bobcatinabox.com if you have questions.

Please send any and all physical correspondence to….

Bobcat In A Box ATTN: Alexander Zebrose
26 Josephine Ave
Somerville, MA 02144

To get a 100% refund for any subscription payment made in the last 30 days email alexander@bobcatinabox.com, all such requests will be responded to within 24 hours.

Privacy Policy And Data Protection

  • Your credit card details are stored by Chargify, a US based PCI-compliant 3rd party, and we never see them. Bobcat In A Box is the controller and Chargify is the processor for payment data.
      • Shipping address
      • Keywords
      • Feedback on packages received
      • Suggested keyword tags and un-tags
      • Whether a subscription is a gift, prank or intended for a child
      • “Tuning” data entered on bobcatinabox.com/myboxesBobcat In A Box collects the following data necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations through the sign-up page and bobcatinabox.com/myboxes…
      • In the event of a data breach, you will be notified within 72 hours of our discovering the issue.
      • Our email list is maintained by MailChimp. The only way you get onto our mailing list is by entering your email address into one of the MailChimp signup forms on bobcatinabox.com. There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email that we send.
      • We publish messages and pay for ads on Facebook. In this case Bobcat In A Box is the controller and Facebook is the processor of data. Our posts reach people who have liked or followed our page. Our ads reach people identified by Facebook.
      • You may receive an invitation from us if there is an occasion to meetup in real life to receive feedback on the project and/or discuss future product developments.
      • Data shared with others
        • Your shipping address(es) is/are given to merchants in order to process orders. These merchants include amazon.com, aliexpress.com and etsy.com. As these sites are marketplaces, there are a large number of potential merchants that we might send your shipping address to in order to process an order. Your data is only ever shared in order to buy a package and fulfill our contractual obligations.
        • We will use the feedback data you enter in order to buy better packages for others. For example, if you say you like a package we are likely to order more of it.
        • We use Google Analytics to track activity on this website. Data associated with cookies, user identifiers or advertising identifiers is automatically deleted after 14 months. Note that those 14 months reset every time you visit the website. IP addresses are anonymized on Google Analytics.
        • We use a Facebook Pixel in order to customize ads used to publicize the project. These data are deleted automatically every 180 days.
        • We use Hotjar (hotjar.com) to record user sessions and uncover insights. Hotjar is not used on any pages with payment details.
      • If you enter a new keyword (for example, ‘Lord Of The Flies’), we may use it to tag new products (for example, a Vote For Piggy mug) and may suggest that other subscribers add the keyword.
      • Data you provide on the tagging page regarding whether a keyword is good/bad for a particular product will be used to improve the service.
      • Aggregate keyword and feedback data will be shared publicly by us in order to let people know more about the Bobcat In A Box service. For example, we publish lists of the most popular keywords and how much positive feedback a particular product has received.
      • The choice of which products to buy is partially made by processing your and other subscribers’ data. This includes reports of missing packages (we stop buying packages if too many are reported missing) along with other feedback data given through bobcatinabox.com/myboxes on the ‘Arrived Tab’.
      • Quotes from emails or images sent to Bobcat In A Box may occasionally be publicized if we think that they are worth sharing (on our blog, Twitter account and Facebook page for example). If you would like an email, image or other material sent to us to remain private simply let us know and we will be happy to honor that request.
      • You have a right to a full copy of your data and a right to request that it all be deleted. To get your data and/or request that it be deleted please email alexander@bobcatinabox.com. Confirmation of all requests will be sent within 24 hours and complied with within 30 days.
      • Alexander Zebrose is appointed Data Protection Officer. He can be reached at alexander@bobcatinabox.com or +1 617 642 1130
      • You can unsubscribe at any time by emailing cancel@bobcatinabox.com.

Additional Terms
If you sign up someone else for Bobcat In A Box, you are responsible for telling them.

If you sign up someone who is under 18 years old for Bobcat In A Box, you must first get permission from their parents. Please don’t sign up any child under 5.

Bobcat In A Box offers packages as is and cannot be held responsible for the items ordered.

Some items may be strange, inappropriate, offensive, upsetting or potentially dangerous (adult items, for example). A wide range of items are bought by Bobcat In A Box and we cannot make any guarantees as to the quality or quantity of items delivered.

The quantity, quality and item characteristics depend on user input and marketplace conditions. The total number of packages shipped by Bobcat In A Box depends on what we are able to buy each day given user keywords and budget.

Very rarely some sellers may even fail to ship and refuse to refund. This is the responsibility of the sellers and Bobcat In A Box may not be able to compensate by rebuying packages elsewhere.  Given these conditions, Bobcat In A Box cannot guarantee a certain number or type of packages.

If you give Bobcat In A Box the wrong address, we cannot be responsible for recovering the packages sent to the wrong address. Similarly we cannot be liable for mistakes made by the postal service or delivery companies. Of course we will do what we can to help and whenever you request will update the address for future packages.

Keywords offer us a very rough guide when ordering items, but we do not guarantee every item will meet a certain standard. Given the variety of items ordered, inevitably some will be disappointing. Negative keywords cannot guarantee that you will never receive a certain type of item, as every keyword has synonyms.

Bobcat In A Box is operated by a team that approximates an automated script in the tradition of the mechanical turk. That is to say that some of the work of getting packages to your door is automated and some is done by humans in a systematized fashion. The buying is not done by one script or program.

Note that we do not own the rights to the images on this page and they are used without permission.

Last Updated May 14, 2020 (Hotjar Added)