Your Shopping Robot

We run a script that buys you interesting packages from websites all over the web. You give the bot keywords, a shipping address, set a budget and how many packages you want ordered every month. Use keywords to only get the sort of items that you want. The bot does the rest to deliver unique products to your door for a great value.

You can mark packages that you get with a thumbs up / down on our website. The script uses these feedback data along with the keywords you select to find you the best products to buy at the best prices. It searches its database for products you are likely to give a thumbs up!

“Seriously impressed by today’s Bobcat In A Box surprise! A full-sized hardback notebook. Quality hard covers with silver foil imprint.”

Roberta Davies on Facebook

“Juliette gets random things sent to her from @bobcatinabox, recently she got a bag with many, many stick on ladybugs”

@pollrobots on Twitter

“My son’s first #BobcatInABox finally arrived. It is a squishy rabbit he has named bong.”

@exploded_boats on Twitter

“@bobcatinabox sent me a taco holder on Tuesday, so of course I had to IMMEDIATELY deploy it for #TacoTuesdays. Sous-vide local bone-in pork chop carnitas, Cuban-spiced black beans and quinoa lentil rice with queso.”

@keto_and_bento on Twitter

“I just received one of the coolest @BobcatInABox shipments yet! An adorable pin from Etsy seller Vicious Delights! I have always wanted to received mail that included a wax seal!!!”

@wendi_lou_who on Twitter

“When you forget that you still have a @BobcatInABox package coming and you just assume you drunk purchased Portland bird merch.”

@lizzmoffat on Twitter

“Very cool #bobcatinabox delivery yesterday. I would never consider looking for a vintage octopus necklace on my own. Well done bobcatinabox, well done.”

@birdflyingnorth on Twitter

“My first item, whisky stones. They keep your drink cool without having it diluted with water from ice cubes.”

@foxymorticia on Twitter