What is this all about?

We buy products for our subscribers from online stores like Amazon and AliExpress based on keywords that they set. New sites and products are being added all the time and our ‘shopping robot’ picks the products that are most likely to get thumbs up feedback from our subscribers. We are looking for the most interesting products to delight and surprise our subscribers.

How can I change my shipping address?

Update your shipping address by logging into bobcatinabox.com/myboxes and clicking on your Addresses tab at the top.

How can I cancel?

Cancel by logging into bobcatinabox.com/myboxes and clicking on your Billing tab at the top.

Help! I can’t login…

Click here if you forgot your username and click here to reset your password.
If neither of the above links are working, send me an email at alexander@bobcatinabox.com

How many packages a month will I get?

After you sign up you can set how many packages a month you would like on our user site.

Can I see the products before they get ordered?

Yes! You will get an email and a chance to ‘veto’ all purchases 24 hours before the bot buys something for you. Some people opt-out of previews and enjoy the surprise. Other folks like to give the bot their two cents before a product is ordered. You can decide what you would like to do.

What keywords can I set?

You can add as many keywords, and whatever keywords you like. There is no list of approved keywords and so far 22,037 different keywords have been added by subscribers.

Can I add multiple shipping addresses?

Yes! You can login to our user site and as many shipping addresses at you like. There is only a minimum monthly budget of $5 / month / shipping address so that the script is actually able to buy something for them.

Is this related to XKCD?

This project was originally inspired by this XKCD comic. We all love XKCD, but Bobcat In A Box is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by XKCD or Randall Munroe.

How long will it take for packages to arrive?

Shipping times vary a bit depending on the vendor and your address, but most packages arrive within 1-3 weeks of the order being placed.

Can you make the bot open source?

Our shopping script relies on a product database that is always being updated with new prices and subscriber feedback. If you have an idea and would like to collaborate please send me an email at alexander@bobcatinabox.com. I would love to hear from you.